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Rewilding Wiltshire

Black Sheep is proud to host the Wiltshire Rewilding Network, a space to share all things rewilding from around the county!
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The Rewilding Network has been developed by Rewilding Britain specifically to support landowners to expand, enhance, and connect rewilding and nature-friendly land uses across 30% of Britain by 2030 for the benefit of people, nature and climate. The network is a central ‘meeting point’ where landowners can learn about what rewilding is happening in the UK, how projects are approaching it, and how to get involved with local rewilding groups.

LEARN Rewilding Britain is hosting a web-based learning hub to encourage landowners to discuss key issues, share experiences and improve our knowledge base of putting rewilding into practice. The network also builds in technical resources for rewilding, including detailed how to guides and toolkits, webinars on key issues and site visits. This will also allow rewilders to support each other, work through challenges, and share success stories through the network.

CONNECT Rewilding and natural processes rely on a joined up approach, and we can achieve far more together than working in isolation. The network aims to connect rewilding initiatives to each other, as well as within local areas, for a collaborative approach to rewilding. This will also connect with other initiatives, such as nature recovery networks, to allow wildlife to flow across our landscapes and seascapes. The network features discussion forums, mapping tools, and an expert directory to signpost rewilders to the support that they need.

EVIDENCE Evidence and shared experiences from the network will inform best practice. The network brings together case studies and stories from the field to showcase what rewilding can achieve and lessons learnt. A monitoring framework has been developed to collect data from rewilding projects across Britain and at all scales, and this knowledge will be shared to inform future policy and technical guides to rewilding.

The Rewilding Network is now live, and if you are a landowner, manager or adviser with an interest in rewilding you can join by clicking or tapping on this link.  Once you're accepted as a member, you can then explore the various sub-groups that have been established to focus on particular themes or geographical areas, including the Wiltshire Rewilding Group.

Please note: the Rewilding Network is at present focused on landowners and their advisers only, though we hope to broaden the membership in time.  If you are someone with an interest in rewilding but don't own or manage land, please contact the Rewilding Britain team at

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