Wiltshire Rewilding Network

Black Sheep is proud to host the Wiltshire Rewilding Network which will be launched in January 2021 to share all things rewilding from around the country!

Rewilding Britain is currently developing the Rewilding Network. Whether you have a patio, an allotment, a farm or estate, or just a passion for wildlife and the rewilding story, this will be a place to connect with like-minded people and learn how you can get involved and take action. The Rewilding Network will become a central hub of information and practical guidance on how to rewild, as well as offering support for those projects already on their rewilding journey. This pioneering and collaborative network will be the first of its kind in the UK, and will provide the practical tools and connections needed to make positive changes for rewilding across Britain.

The new platform will also support landowners, land managers and community groups to expand, enhance and connect rewilding projects across the UK for the benefit of people, nature and climate. This central ​‘meeting point’ will showcase rewilding initiatives across the UK, how projects have approached rewilding, how to get involved and how to overcome obstacles.

For more information about Rewilding Britain, visit the website and register your interest by joining the mailing list.  And watch this space for details about the Wiltshire Rewilding Network as it develops!

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